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All Projects on this site together with their associated Source Code, Binaries and any other files are licensed under Microsoft Public License (unless the license for a project is mentioned explicitly on the project page itself or in its downloadable files).
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Online Exam


Online Exam is an application developed in .NET 2.0 with C# by my students Pankaj of GIMT, Kurukshetra, and Mithun of DIET, Karnal, as part of their Training in 5th semesters of their B.Tech. (CSE) courses.

Online Exam ScreenshotThe application provides Administration facilitiesfor managing Questions in the database.

Rent - A - Coder


Blogs is an application developed in Java 6 by my students Deepa Goel and Priya of DIET, Karnal, as part of their Training in 5th semester of their B.Tech. (CSE) courses.

ScreenshotThis project is inspired from the very popular online Rent-A-Coder portal, which connects Suppliers of Software with their consumers.



TextPad is a DOS based File Editor built with TC that tries to emulate all basic functionality desired from such a utility.

This project was created by me during my Post-Graduation. At that time, I was asked to prepare a DOS based file editor using TC. The code editor in TC itself was presented as a challenge and I was required to imitate it as closely as possible.