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Saurabh Agrawal

hello sir, i'm working on face recognition system similar to ur FRAMS, i want guidance and ur FRAMS's code for further development. Infact i 'm trying to develop a system where i can recognize multiple faces simultaneously and mark their attendance. like a lecture attendance system. my email id is
please mail me code and related material, also immediately i'll reply you with system architecture i designed for the same.


nice work sir..

Thanks Loveleen...


This site, and your good self have been a source of great help to me. Your work and help on the Drupal module is much appreciated.


Thanks for the feedback Jon :)


This site is perfect, but as a suggestion maybe you can add this little google translator for us! I'm from Spain and in some cases it would be easier for me to read your posts in spanish. I think it doesn't cost too much.
Than you for your fantastic site

Thanks for your suggestion. I strive to make my site as useful for my audience as possible. Google Translate is now available...


Hi Rahul,

I was looking for a document control module for Drupal and found the link to this page. I like your site, lots of interesting content. Its nice to know a bit more about the person that produces the code.

I am using Drupal for a few things at the moment and you have used a few modules that demonstrate functionality that is of interest to me.

Many thanks


Hi Andy, thanks for your feedback. Feel free to contact me if I can be of any help.


Nice site Rahul...

Thanks Raj...

Ajay bansal

awesome ,bus itna likhney ka hi time tha as usual i m little bit busy

rahul gupta

gud work sir

Thanx rahul