Drupal - Take Control module Installation

The installation of my Take Control module for Drupal requires a bit more effort compared to a regular Drupal module.

The following video tutorial demonstrates each step required for installation. I have used CPanel's File Manager for the purpose but the process for your FTP client should not be too different.

These instructions are for the 2.0-Beta 2 version of the module, which differ significantly from the earlier instruction for 2.0-Beta 1 version.


If you still have installation issues after viewing the video above, feel free to use the comment form below for discussing. Please ensure that you have read the Readme.txt file inside the module's package, and follow the instructions there (that are demonstrated in the video above).

For general discussion on the module not related to the its installation, please use the comment form on the permanent page for this module here

Web 2.0: 


Thanks man for this awsome module. It solved lots of my problem and installed just perfect with no issues.

Hi Rahul,

I am getting this error on Drupal 7.12. Do you happen to have any fix for this? If so could you please let me know. I am excited with this module. Thanks in advance.

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Which error? And can you please use the official issue queue of this module on Drupal.org to report any issues you face.

I'm installing Take Control on Drupal 7.  Where do I find the javascript library?  I looked on Sencha and cannot find it.  Thanks, Krsanna

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Hi Krsanna, the module uses ExtJs 3, the latest version of which can be downloaded from here:

I wasn't able to download the library. I requires me to pay an incredibly huge ammount of money. 

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ExtJs has both commercial and community editions. Community edition is free if your use-case satisfies its licensing terms. This module works with ExtJs 3.x whose community edition download link is here:


Take control is a very nice module it solved lot of issues.

I have a query whether it will take control of only drupal hosting or else we can connect to other system where we store our files and get the structure of that and manage upload and download , change of permissions etc.


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Hi Karthikeyan, the module is built to integrate with Drupal's file-system, but it's in fact very easy to connect it to any file-system accessible from the web-server.
Please see this comment and its replies and they would point you in the right direction:

I have follwed the installation setups exactly. Im installing Take control onto drupal 7. When I try to configure the module I get this message.

Warning: scandir(/home/-------/public_html/sites/all/libraries/extjs) [function.scandir]: failed to open dir: No such file or directory in take_control_extjs_dirs() (line 29 of /home/-------/public_html/sites/all/modules/take_control/includes/filesystem.inc).
Warning: scandir() [function.scandir]: (errno 0): Success in take_control_extjs_dirs() (line 29 of /home/-------/public_html/sites/all/modules/take_control/includes/filesystem.inc).
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in take_control_extjs_dirs() (line 29 of /home/-------/public_html/sites/all/modules/take_control/includes/filesystem.inc).


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Hi Aaron, please ensure "sites/all/libraries/extjs" directory exists under your Drupal installation.

i cannot upload files i get : failure

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Hi Justin, I advise you check the web-server account has write access to the directory where you are trying to upload files.

I would like to set path "Accessible paths per role". I teied to set to a folder, say"folder/subfolder" but it does not work. The file browser alsways show entire Drupal file-system.  Other things ok.

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Hi Waluyo, do you mean you would like to set accessible paths per role? If yes, then as far as I can recall, this isn't available in the current version of the module but planned for a future version.

hello Rahul

I have installed the take control module as you explained, Take control section appears on modules but the file browser is dummy i cannot enable it. Here below the message appears beside filebrowser:

"A complete File System Management module for Drupal Administrators.

Requires: Take Control (enabled), Token (missing)"
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You need to install the Token module too as Take Control module depends upon it.