Face Recognition

This project, which I call FRAMS(Face Recognition based Attendance Management System) was built recently by me as a proof-of-concept application, for one of my clients in Educational sector.

This project enables marking attendance of students by their faces (thus eliminating chances of proxy attendances). The project provides an Admin section, where Administrators can enroll students with their sample face images (currently 5, but configurable). These images can be clicked directly from the application by attaching a web cam to the system. The application can recognize all web cams including the ones that come with most laptops today.

A student then needs to get his/her attendance marked by getting his/her image clicked by the application daily while entering the premises. The application ensures that each student's attendance is marked only once daily, no matter how many times he/she faces the camera in one day.

This application has been built in Java, but can be easily ported to .NET or any other platform. You would need to install JMF (Java Media Framework) separately before you can run this application.

More information on this project is available at this blog post.

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helped me alot in my college assignement. thank you for this information and the blog post.

Do you mean such face recognition as in the video http://www.tubestime.com/watch/face-recognition-access-control-live-demo... ? Well, I cannot understand why such system can be used in an educational establishment. It reminds me of a jail but not a free establishment.

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Hi Natty, I haven't seen the referenced video. As mentioned, this was done as a proof-of-concept for a client. And it looks logical to me. Biometric identification eliminates many chances of fraud over regular manual processes, so cannot imagine why it should remind of a "jail"...

This system works in educational sector. I guess any student from a different school should be able to visit any school he wants. Education assumes that students should cooperate and be free. Well, maybe I have the association of a jail, because such system wasn't emplemented when I studied and it looks very strange for me.

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Hi Natty, I am not sure where this discussion is going. This was just a pilot project done sometime earlier. And who is withholding students from one school from visiting other schools.

This project ought to enable attendance of students of the same school by face recognition (thus eliminating the manual processes of marking attendance). How come this prevent a visitor from visiting that school??

Sorry, I misunderstood the whole situation. I thought such systems were installed to prevent people who don't belong to school community from coming. The thing is that in the Uni I studied there were guards near the entrance who checked if you were a student of the University or not. That is why, I thought that this system was just the same.

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No probs, that for explaining your situation.

Hey! Can u provide me the source code of this project...i m willing to develop project which can detect faces and recognize them and also generate their information like names,address,ph. no.,etc...

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Hi Amit, please read this and you will need to provide sufficient justification you won't use the source code as is for your college/university project:

your attachment of farams..executable jar not executing.It throws exception and terminated.:(


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Hi Devang, owing to my schedule I might not be able to take a look...