Another DotNetNuke book for review

So, I have again been asked by Packt Publishing to do a third-party review of another of their DotNetNuke book, written by John K. Murphy and titled DotNetNuke 5.4 cookbook. But this time, I am an external reviewer for the book, rather than being an official reviewer.

The book promises to teach you to "create and customize DotNetNuke (DNN) websi

DotNetNuke 5.4 Cookbook

te with blog, forums, newsletters, wikis and many more popular website features."

Well, I was excited at the opportunity. It has been sometime since I have had regular interaction with DNN development (while a year earlier, I was developing exclusively on DNN for quite sometime). And the review has given me a chance to get up-to-date with the latest happenings in the DotNetNuke universe.

I look forward to review the book as I get time from my commercial commitments. I must say however, that I might really take sometime reading it page-to-page.

I had a peek on the book's content and it looked promising to me. Packt Publishing has graciously allowed me to publish the 8th chapter of the book, titled "Basic Skinning" on my site for my readers. You can find the same attached below. Feel free to download the file and take a look on what the book offers you.

PDF icon 1681-chapter-8-basic-skinning.pdf1.35 MB


Hey buddy thanks a lot for this chapter, as soon as i have a few minutes I'll take a look at it. Before I started to design my website i tried to do it with DDN but the resources (Free resources) for skinning are kind of limited, which is why i decided to go with Wordpress.

Again thank you for your post.