ExtJs - Copying GridPanel single row data to clipboard

This blog post is more of a continuation of 2 of my earlier blog posts, Cross-browser approach to copy content to clipboard in javascript, and Copying GridPanel content to clipboard. I would advise reading of the above blog posts if you haven't already to understand the code being discussed below.

Replacing images in a Flash movie

Web 2.0: 

I recently purchased a WordPress template from TemplateMonster for use on a client website. The template was recommended by the client himself to me, and he was pretty happy with the template applied to is site after some customizations to the design of the template.

However, he later came up with a request to replace some images used in a Flash movie on the template. As TemplateMonster's templates come with the source Flash .fla files, I thought this should be a breeze, which was not to be as I found out later.

ExtJs - Copy GridPanel content to Clipboard

Continuing on my previous two blog posts regarding copying content to clipboard in javascript, and embedding a Flash movie in ExtJs toolbar, I present here an approach to copy content in an ExtJs GridPanel to system clipboard in various formats.

Flash movie in ExtJs toolbar

I recently had a situation, where I needed to embed a Flash movie inside the bottom toolbar of an ExtJs GridPanel.

Initially I added a Panel inside the items of the toolbar, which did not work. Then, I used a regular label, whose html was set to the <object> tag used for embedding a Flash movie onto a web page. You can see the results below:

Here's the code snippet that produces the bottom bar in the GridPanel above:


Flash Falling Money Animation

Web 2.0: 

I recently prepared a long Flash movie for one of my Client websites. The movie had the animation of Falling Currency Notes in between it.

I thought I should share the Falling Money part of it on my website. So, the .fla & .swf files for the Falling Money animation are attached with this post. You can download them below.