August 2011

Javascript - Monitoring changes for object attributes

Web 2.0: 

Let me disclaim straight away, this blog post is based on blatant copy of Eli Grey's gist on GitHub. The small script proved so useful to me in a tight situation (I think last to last week) that with full acknowledgement of this being his work, I wanted to roll it up into a blog post.

Javascript - Loading social plugins dynamically on the page after the page has loaded

Web 2.0: 

The last couple of days saw page load times for my website increase significantly. As I checked my server logs for hints of potential issues, nothing seemed abnormal. The traffic was a notch higher but less than a fraction of server capacity, the server resource usage was perfectly normal and no signs of any other problem.

Javascript - Implementing Mod 10 validation (LUHN formula) for Credit Card numbers

Web 2.0: 

If you have ever developed an application that accepts or processes Credit Card numbers, then LUHN's formula for Mod 10 validation of primary account numbers would come naturally to you. If you want to know the logic behind Mod 10 validation for Credit Card numbers, here's a very good reference.

ExtJs and Ext.Net - Creating Ext.Net server components for custom ExtJs javascript components

I think all of us would agree that Ext.Net provides too good (and a bit complex) ExtJs and ASP.NET integration. It exposes almost all ExtJs toolkit classes server-side in ASP.NET and many of the popular extensions too. In addition, it provides own custom components that are useful (e.g. MultiCombo, Linkbutton etc).