January 2011

Ext.Net - Calendar Component CRUD operations sample

Well this is a blog entry on request (the request is here). I received a request couple of days ago on one of my earlier ExtJs Calendar Component related posts to demonstrate remote Calendar CRUD operations in Ext.Net. So Gayan (the requestor), here goes the reply.

Drupal - Need to include css files manually when using jquery_ui module

Web 2.0: 

After my last blog post on Drupal, expect some more Drupal related blog posts related to my recent work that I have been doing in Drupal.

You might be knowing that the jquery_ui contributed module is the preferred way to use jQuery UI in Drupal. This module provides the jqeury_ui_add method with which you can include any jQuery UI widget on the page. The module ensures that any widget's dependencies are also loaded automatically and that multiple modules wanting to include the same widget do not conflict by including the widget script files twice.

ExtJs components in GridPanel columns

My first blog of the new year.. Wishing all my readers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2011....

Coming to the topic, I have needed to have ExtJs components in GridPanel columns many times. I have been using ExtJs components in GridPanels for sometime now, but thought of writing a blog post for it only after I saw a couple of people having trouble doing so.